About Me

Roswitha Watson BowenTherapist Adv.DipBT, DipESBT

I was introduced to Bowen Therapy as a patient. Hoping to avoid surgery, I was in need of finding a solution for a tendon tear in my shoulder. The result was life-changing.

My understanding of the dynamics within the human and equine organism has been significantly formed by my studies of the work of Rudolf Steiner and my encounters with the research of the School of Spiritual Psychology, Spacial Dynamics Institute, Smart Bowen and the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre.


The underlying fabric of my work as a Bowen Therapist has been created by a multitude of professional experiences: Years of working as a Concert Cellist in Europe; as an Eurythmist in various educational, artistic and therapeutic contexts in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand; and as an Equestrian Coach in Australia.

I also bring to it the fruits of extensive medical studies (both orthodox and complementary) and a longstanding interest in movement analysis as a key factor in finding an holistic understanding of pathological processes.


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