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Bowen Therapy is a technique of muscle and soft tissue release which has revolutionised health-care worldwide. It effectively addresses a wide range of complaints—both chronic and acute. Bowen Therapy was developed by the Australian Tom Bowen (1916 - 1982).

I work with an expanded interpretation of the original Bowen technique known as Smart Bowen (developed by Brian Smart), and informed by the work and research of Jaimen McMillan, the founder of Spacial Dynamics®.

Gentle cross-fibre manoeuvres are applied to muscles, tendons, ligaments and to specific points, frequently coinciding with myofascial trigger points and acupuncture points allowing the body to recover and to initiate realignment processes naturally.

Bowen Therapy is suitable for all ages – from the newborn to the elderly.

Where appropriate, consultations include post-treatment movement exercises.

Patients are mostly treated through clothing. Therefore it is best to wear light and stretchy garments for consultations.

Conditions known to respond particularly well to Bowen Therapy:

  • Upper neck and back pain

  • Shoulder and arm pain / frozen shoulder

  • Tennis/golfer's elbow/RSI and carpal tunnel

  • Sports injuries

  • TMJ disorders, tinnitus

  • Pre/post operative conditionsheadaches, migraines

  • Digestive disorders

  • Asthma, respiratory disorders

  • Pregnancy related issues

  • Lymphatic disorders, edema, circulatory problems

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic fatigue


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Please note: I work in conjunction with orthodox medical approaches and do not promote Bowen Therapy as a substitute for appropriate medical advice or treatment.



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