Equine Smart Bowen® Therapy

Equine Smart Bowen Therapy (ESBT), a myofascial adhesion release technique, is based on the work of Tom Bowen ( 1916 - 1982) and has been further developed and researched by Brian and Lea Smart (Smart Bowen). My  interpretation of Equine Bowen Therapy has also been significantly formed by the encounter with the work of Jaimen McMillan, the founder of Spacial Dynamics® (Spacial Dynamics Institute).

ESTB effectively addresses a wide range of complaints of both chronic and acute nature. It improves muscular health, joint mobility, circulation and elimination processes of toxins from the body, and it leads to a long-term increase of your horse's stamina and general performance ability.

I offer special horse & rider packages as many pain-related problems in horses will find long-term resolution more quickly and effectively when postural/physical problems of the rider  can be addressed at the same time.

Where appropriate consultations will include stretching, demonstration of post-treatment exercises, assessment of correct saddle fit and hoof balance with referral to relevant professionals if necessary.

Having worked as an equestrian coach & horse trainer, specialising in behavioural issues, I am also able to offer advice on improving training strategies as part of the treatment process.

Conditions known to respond particularly well to ESBT:


  • chronic or acute injuries
  • movement restrictions
  • behavioural problems related to pain or stress
  • circulatory / lymphatic problems
  • gait abnormalities                                          Testimonials
  • hoof / leg Problems
  • TMJ and jaw/head related problems
  • digestive disorders
  • skin disorders
  • pregnancy related issues
  • arthritis

Please note: I am working  in conjunction with orthodox veterinary approaches and I do not promote ESBT as a substitute for veterinary advice or treatment.

Consultations take place where the horse is accommodated or at sporting events.

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