"I can not recommend Bowen Therapy and Ros herself highly enough.
After 6 years
of dealing with constant headaches and migraines I was
amazed that I felt
so much relief after just one treatment! It was unbelievable! Thank you, Ros."

H.S.,  Castlemaine

Lymphatic drainage for swollen legs

"I've been suffering from swollen legs since the birth of my daughter over 20years ago. I've tried everything...drugs, other lymphatic drainage techniques...nothing helped. After one treatment with Ros the swelling went down about 70% and I actually cried as I could not believe it...after such a long time. After 2 more follow ups my legs now look and feel normal for the first time in over 20 years."

B.T., Kyneton

Lymphatic drainage  following a mastectomy

"Following a mastectomy 3 years ago I developed severe lymphedema in my right arm. I've tried a variety of medications and therapies with little or no relief. After receiving 3 treatments from Ros the swelling has gone down completely. Bowen Therapy is amazing and I highly recommend Ros as a therapist.She has truly healing hands."

M.B., Gisborne

Chronic back and neck pain

"I've had severe back and neck pain for the past 9 years following a horse riding accident which left me with fractures in my spine and pelvis. Bowen Therapy has changed my life. I don't need to be on painkillers anymore and my pain can be managed with a Bowen session every 4 - 6 weeks."

S.G., Melton

Shoulder pain, asthma

"There is Bowen - and there is Bowen with Ros. I'm a retired physiotherapist and I've had treatments with several Bowen Practitioners (Bowtech, ISTB) over the years to help manage my chronic shoulder pain and asthma. Ros' technique is far superior to anything else I've experienced in the Bowen World. Relief is instant and longlasting."

D.W., Chewton

Fragmented shoulder/Hypermobility Syndrome

I am very grateful for the intervention I received at Roswitha Watson's hands via the modality of Bowen Therapy. Neither of us were sure how a chronic condition due to a physical abnormality would respond; I'm pleased to report that it's as though my body had been waiting for the "conversation".... Roswitha's manner and hands communicate her trustworthyness and integrity. The physical condition itself has responded very positively, not so much due to a "cure" as such but a vastly improved relationship with my own body.

Being a very physical person, I was inclined to ignore signals from my body if those signals indicated I modify my intention in any way.....I'm now more inclined to pause before throwing my body into a task. I continue to discover how imperative that pause is; most of the time I can still go ahead and do as I'd planned to, the difference is the respect I'm developing for my body's opinion and the amendments it may suggest.

Thank you, Roswitha! Sincerely, Sharon Thompson

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