Chronic back pain, TMJ pain, suspensory ligament tear

"Ros has treated my  2 eventing horses for chronic back pain,
another one for TMJ issues,
and one of my dressage horses for a suspensory ligament tear.
I wholeheartedly recommened Ros as a therapist. Her Bowen treatments produce immediate and longlasting results."

G., Woodend

Stress colic

"Ros has a very special bond with horses. Her presence makes my nervy TBs feel instantly at ease. Ron had a series of Bowen treatments for chronic stress colics with amazing results."

M.J., Romsey


"I've never seen Felix (16, a highly strung fellow!) so relaxed. His whole posture changed 10 min into the treatment! Felix has arthritic changes in his spine - since commencing with Bowen treatments his movement has completely changed and freed up."

H.K., Macedon

Behavioural issues

"Ros has helped me with retraining my horse. Clive was about to be put down as
he had become dangerous. Ros found that some of his behaviour (bucking) was
to severe pain in his lower back. I had no idea! Ros' horse handling skills, her biomechanical and anatomical knowledge are truly impressive.
Thank you for saving Clive's life!"

M.L., Wallan

Locked stifle and neck pain

"When I heard of Equine Bowen Therapy I was highly sceptical. Witnessing the changes in my horses has lead me to have complete confidence in ESBT. I  highly recommend Ros, not only as a therapist, but as a professional who carries out her work with great integrity and intuition. Ros as treated my dressage horses for chronic stifle issues and neck pain with absolutely stunning results."

F.M., Whittlesea

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